Sunday, April 28, 2013

Return of the Box

Once again, fellow blog diva Daphne of Becoming That Woman a giant box of cosmetic goodies. (For reference, check out the first blog about it HERE. One of my favorites has to be Tarte's True Blood themed eyeshadow set.

I dug into some of the stuff this afternoon. Face of the day featured "telepath" eyeshadow from Tarte's True Blood, No 7's illuminating lotion (highlighting on my cheeks and nose), and a new "lip bomb" from Mirenesse.
Tarte's "telepath" eyeshadow on my lids.
Tarte's "telepath": A light smokey pink/muave with shimmer. Great for a base to work cateye liner over.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb in red: Full color opaque lip gloss with a magenta base. It does smudge easily, but god damn the color is to die for. It's a bombshell red with magenta base. It does stain the lips for a while after wiping it off.

No. 7 Illuminating Lotion: Pink pearlescent lotion ideal for highlighting cheeks for a nice glow in place of blush.
Dolled up.

                                                                 Peace out bitches!

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