Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Drug Store Makeup Reviewage: Part ll (Lipstick Edition)

Long time no blog, dear reader(s). Life is the leech-like vortex that sucks the time away from your hobbies and extracurricular projects.
 But I digress! I'm here to bring you another installment of Drugstore Makeup Reviewage. About a year and a half ago I reviewed the Wet N Wild longwear line, Megalast. Fergie of The Black Eyed Pea's recently put her tramp stamp on a new Wet N Wild lipstick line. While I loathe celebrity branding, the colors were similar to that of the Melt Cosmetics line I've been ogling for months. I try to shop original and independent brands as much as I can, but a low level retail check can only stretch so far. Until someone gracially gifts me some Belladonna or Six6six, these colors will have to whet my whistle. Of course, this is why I do this. I know there are other's out there who adore fashion, beauty, and lush cosmetics as much as I do, but  can't lead the life of a quaintrelle full time.
 The colors I'm reviewing tonight are Fuchsianista and Ferguson's Crest from Fergie's Center Stage Collection. Fuchsianista is a vibrant fuchsia with magenta undertones with red violet and magenta undertones.
Closer view of Fuchsianista and the shine (No gloss over top)
Ferfuson's Crest is a deeper more purple variant of Fuchsianista. They're sisters from another mister shade-wise. Ferguson's Crest has a more muave undertone, which makes for a very wearable purple. Both shades layer well with minimal feathering without the aid of a lipliner. It glides on with a fairly creamy consistency, which is worlds away from the Megalast line in this regard. Two con's I've noticed with all the shades from the Center Stage Collection are the fact that after a few hours of wear it will become a little drying, and it likes to cling to my teeth. This is true for most vivid lipstick shades, though. The packaging seems to have improved a little from the Megalast line. I love Megalasts, but the lid isn't terribly secure. This line has a little less lid popping off action, but it's still prone to that. When I store it in my purse I make sure to put it in it's own pocket.
Ferguson's Crest

Overall, 4/5 stars. For $3.50 each it's worth investing the few bucks and  working around slight packaging issues. You can purchase at: Walgreens.