Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Belt It

My favorite fashion accessory  of the moment has to be the belt. Punk rockers looked like badasses in their spiked and bulleted belts. Mid 2010 era Russell Brand looked like a hard edged glam dandy dream with multi-layered belts hanging from his waspy waist. It's especially a friend of women with a more zaftig frame. Flowing dresses and tunic tops can look a bit bulky or plain om fuller figures.
So yes, I admit it. I'm in the cult of women who rock polkadot dresses and a skinny red belts. Belting a flowing blouse right above the waist is another classic.
There are a few other waist cinching trends that have caught my eye recently.
                                                                   Bow Belts
You had me at bow.

                                                                   Technicolor Belts:

Ah, spearmint.

Polkadot dress. Check. Red skinny accent belt. Check.
 Until next time, dear readers.

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