Wednesday, December 14, 2011


As with most girls living in the modern world of television, radio, and the internet, I've fought tooth and nail with my self image. I've always rejected and resented what can be termed "conventional beauty." According to Cosmo and Redbook and myriad other womens magazines I need this and that product to catch a man so he will marry me! That's not who I am. That's not who a lot of women are. If I didn't look like the airbrushed standard then something must be wrong with me. And yet...make-up is so alluring. High fashion has an art to it. And being an artistic sort of person, this always appealed to me. (This later segued to alternative fashion and indie designers.) Where did that leave me, a short, round, unmodelesque teenager?

I ended up experimenting with makeup and hair dye of my own accord. When I first became fascinated with creating a look beyond chapstick I didn't even know how to apply kohl eyeliner. My mother was a no muss no fuss sort of woman. I had to to find my favorites through *gulp* trial and error. And error. And error.

What I came to find is that makeup doesn't have to be a way of covering up features that don't fit into the cookie cutter image of glamor and beauty. You can do it because you find it to be fun. You can do it out of a love of theatrics. You can do it because you have a certain flare. Not because you need to be caked in makeup to venture outside of the house. Above all, do it for yourself.

So this blog will be a lookbook of things that interest me as well as product reviews and horror stories.
The power of the blog will help me help other girls make informed fashion and makeup decisions!
I leave you all with a video that has always moved me, Dove's "Evolution Of A Model."


  1. Really nice blog. I love the idea behind it.

    That dove advert has always really got to me too.

  2. Thank you kindly!
    I do love the fact that a major company is saying, "Hey, even supermodels are regular people with flaws. Don't be fooled."