Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drugstore Makeup Spotlight On Lipstick

There are some people who refuse to use anything less than high end. There are some who refuse to pay the price tag on high end products. Then there is me, a girl with a very small purse for beauty products, but who tries her damnedest to house a collection that is a happy balance between decent drug store makeup, high end, and independent companies.

This is a new segment in the blog where I plan to review some of the drug store brands that have worked out for me.

Tonights spotlight: Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks. I was in a red phase, and I ended up buying a few shades from this line.

Wearing "Stoplight Red"

 These are like most other more expensive "long lasting" brands in that they can be drying. I have a few Mac reds that feel similarly drying. For a few bucks per tube it's worth putting some gloss on over to get wear out of. The packaging isn't nearly as nice as Mac, but for a Wet N Wild brand, and by extension, Wet N Wild price tag it's to be expected. My only complaint is the fact that the names of the lipstick names are on the plastic wrapping. If you aren't careful you won't be able to look and see what color you have after you've opened it.
Wearing "Cherry Bomb"
I also picked up "Red Velvet," but I found it to have a bit too orange of a tone for my liking. I'm sure it could work, but for those of you going for a true, bright 1940's pinup style red I'd suggest "Stoplight Red."


  1. Cherry Bomb looks amazing on you. And I swear that the Cthulu necklace has nothing to do with it.