Sunday, September 7, 2014

Everything's Coming Up Purple

Much like a 5th grade girl, I go through obsessive color phases. Right now I'm going through something of a purple period. It's the color of royalty and the namesake of one of my favorite Hole songs. The shades range from subtle pastel lavender, rich red violet, and cool, refreshing blue violet. Besides, Gogol Bordello has subconsciously instructed me to do it.
            To that end, I decided to change my two tone black and red hair to two tone black and purple. I picked up the Splat hair dye kit in Purple Desire, and while I was at Ulta nabbed Urban Decay’s Last Call eye shadow. Onward to the reviews!

            First, let’s start with the Splat hair dye kit. The label touts a “one step process,” but really it’s a two step process. There is a bleach kit to apply first, followed by the color. I will preface this by saying I’m a little uneasy about bleaching my hair. Horrible visions of chemical burns and clumps of dry hair falling out flood my mind. For this reason I washed the bleach out after 15 minutes. The instructions indicated that it should be lifted to an ash blonde. My hair was more of an orange with blonde here and there. I was hoping I’d be safe and the cool purple tone of the dye would simply show up as a warmer purple. It wasn’t to be. After the whole process the “purple” side turned into black with slight cool purple highlights. This goes to prove that not every do it yourself project is a success story!
After the bleaching
Final product after Splat Purple Desire- slight purple highlights

            And now on to Urban Decay’s Last Call. The shade is a subtle, warm purple with a slightly metallic tone. It looks like a bright, wild color but wears like much more of a neutral shade on my fair skin tone. It has an almost cocoa undertone. 
Wearing Last Call
            To complete the purple haze I’m in I tried out OPI’s cool lavender in You’re Such A Budapest. Please don’t hold the name against me. 2 coats gave me a nice opaque finish. I topped it off with the Funky Fingers confetti and glitter topcoat in Anna. My finger and toe nails looked like cupcakes!
Left: OPI You're Such A Budapest, Right: Funky Fingers Anna

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