Monday, December 9, 2013

Kitten Heels: Fashion Footwear Underdog

“If I'm not in six inch heels I may as well be barefoot,” some posh model says with her perfectly sculpted gazelle legs from a Vogue spread. Most of us women with an interest in fashion are attracted to it because of it's fantasy element. We pretend there is no utilitarian purpose to our outfits. That's fine. But what about the lot with back problems, weak ankles, or plain old gravitational challenges? Of course, there is the age old feminist adage that goes a little something like, “High heels? The easier for the men to run you down and club you over the head!”
But wait, there is a compromise! An unsung hero! A little demure, a little playful. The kitten heel. Unfortunately, designers have yet to give them their time in the sun. Paruze any online shopping website. You'll see the drop down menu is thoughtfully sectioned into heels, flats, boots, wedges, and sandals. No love for our girl the kitten heel.
Despite it's poor reputation, I have fond memories of closets lost with a few of these choice heels. I recall a pair of black faux leather darlings with fuchsia accents that accompanied me to many an interview. Last Valentines Day my boyfriend gifted me some spunky leopard patent leather numbers. I receive compliment bombs every time I wear them.

See? One doesn't have to be going to their 5th grade chorus recital to rock these. Wake up, shoe designers! There is so much potential with these foot-friendly heels that hasn't been expanded upon. Despite my few lucky finds, I find something breathtaking in the style few and far between. Even attempting to research high end brands that offer kitten heels is a hard task. A Google search brings up nothing but Ebay and ugly Manolo Blahnick's. (Sorry Carrie Bradshaw.) Though I will give some credit to Valntino's “Rockstud” kitten heels, a strappy BDSM-inspired number I envision on Joan Jett.

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